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Doggo Bucket List

Posted on 05 July 2017

Hi pals!

Elsa here 👋

The humans have been a little too busy for blogging lately so I thought I would take over for today... And of course, I am going to share with you my ultimate doggie bucket list!

Have you ever dreamt of sitting on a dog beach, puppaccino by your side, while getting a relaxing therapeutic massage? Well, I have! Below, I have listed my top 10 things to do/see/eat/etc, on my furry bucket list.

Im Free!!!

"Im Free!!!" Photo courtesy Pinterest. 
Explore the Neighbourhood!
Every now and again I manage to somehow escape the yard, and of course Mum and Dad don't like this... So when I do manage to crawl my way through the thickest part of our fence, they come running and track me down... I would give a whole days worth of dinner to be able to have a day outside exploring my neighbourhood! There are so many sweet (and sour...) smells lingering.

Play fetch - allll day!
I am a dog. So of course I LOVE playing fetch! I go absolutely nuts for fetch! I will pester the humans by nudging their hands until they play with me - and half the time they are "too busy" to play, so I would be very pleased to have an entire day based on playing fetch 😍

Ahhh, this is the life...

"That's the spot" - Photo courtesy - Pinterest.

Off leash at the dog beach!
We have been to the dog beach plenty of times before, but Mum never lets me off the leash (so unfair). She says it because of some silly rule that dogs must "come" when called - pssshh! I don't think that really matters of course... I just want to be free! Last time I was let off leash, I ran 1k away and stole another bigger dogs ball and ran even further, and mum had to chase me down then put me back on the leash - so not cool... SO I am eagerly desperate to be trusted again one day, and to be let free to run wild along the warm soft sand!

So beautiful...

"A Girl can dream..." - Photo courtesy - Pinterest.
Fill an entire room with tennis balls 😳
OK... So if you too are a doggo like me, isn't this just the ultimate dream? Imagine it... Your human filling a room with balls, and you suddenly jump on in and have the best darn time of your darn doggo life! Yes please!

What doggo?

"Who Dis Big Doggo" - Photo courtesy - Pinterest.
Disneyland - meet the characters!
Okay, so this wasn't my idea... Mum really loves Disney, and would love to take me, so I had to add this on here for her sake. She said something about some big weird people dressed as Disney characters - and I would LOVE to bark at them! I spotted a giant minion once and barked at him for as long as I could see him. I don't trust them one bit, so I must do my pupper duties and bark at them all!

Eat ALL the chicken nuggets 😍
Yep. Im a KFC fan. And I want to eat as many little nuggets as my little belly can handle! Bring it on 💪

Im getting some new treats, you need something?

"Im getting some new treats, you want something?" - Photo courtesy - Pinterest.
Online shopping... 💰
I would be very interested in taking my little fluffy toe beans and sliding out dads credit card, so I can do some much needed online shopping! Mum and Dad don't do it often enough for me - they say I am spoilt enough as it is and I am always getting new toys and accessories since Mum makes dog products - but c'mon... You guys don't make treats!!! I am desperate to try out Suburban Pups yummy healthy doggo dinners 😍

Pawty Time!

"Pawty Time!" - Photo courtesy - Pinterest
Doggo Birthday Pawty!
Whether I celebrate my own birthday, or attend another puppy pals pawty, I would LOVE to attend one! I can imagine it now - walking in, on the left there's a table covered in doggie treats and tasters, on the right is a big fat bowl full of all the puppaccinos you could ever want 😍! If anyone is holding a pawty, please.... Invite me!

Eat a meal at the dinner table!
Mum absolutely really completely fully and utterly dislikes when stare and bark at people eating, and never allows me to sit at the table... I think she is silly... If I was allowed to take my own seat and had my own plate of scrumptious yummies, I wouldn't bark, would I? The woman doesn't think sometimes... 😐

All I want for Christmas is....

"All I want for Christmas is...." - Photo courtesy - Pinterest.

Have my own Pupper Package delivered!
You're probably wondering, whhhaat? Elsa hasn't had her own package yet? Well, nope... I have not. I shared my first box with my dog roomie, and he hogs the treats. So I think it's only fair I get my very own Package, signed, sealed and delivered to my front door. I want to have the full experience of sniffing out the yummy healthy treats inside, ripping apart the box, celebrating with my own personal toys and what not! 😍 If you want to bribe your pawrents with one - heres a link to purchase!

So there you have it!
My very own Bucket list. I don't ask for much, and very rarely get what I want (of course Mum disagrees 😉) so lets keep our paws crossed and hope I can cross off a few of these fun fantastic doggo ideas 💡

Have a bucket list of your own? Let us know your favourite things to do or things you would love to do in the comments below ❤️

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