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Exciting things to come!

Posted on 18 May 2017

If you're here and reading this, you probably know by now that My Pupper is having a short break! (It's not like we haven't raved about it enough already...)

Tom and I are spending 6 weeks in South East Asia, and to keep you guys on your toes and your furry tails wagging, we thought we would write a short post spilling the beans on some pretty big and exciting things yet to come to My Pupper!

We will be back the first week in July, and getting straight into our new goodies and products. If you don't want your fur baby crying impatiently for the next 6 weeks, then look away! Be warned... We have some exciting things coming!

"Keep Talking..." - photo from Pinterest

First of all, we would like to announce that we will be trying our absolute hardest to be as eco friendly as possible, while also delivering you high quality, fun and unique products. For example, most material covered dog collars and leases are made using nylon strapping - which we are (regretfully) currently using. Dog Harnesses are made with the same strapping, and are usually filled or made with thick nylon mesh. Dog toys are stuffed using polyester filling, which is another man made product that releases dangerous fibres.

(click photo for link - check out this great article written by Earth911. Photo courtesy of Earth 911)

While bringing you all of these same amazing products for your pooch, we will also be taking their health and wellbeing into consideration while doing so, leading your family to leaving a lighter foot print on the World. Here's some ways we plan on becoming more Earth Conscious in the next coming months:

- Switch from nylon strapping to a sustainable choice (hemp, cotton)

- Change to Corn Fibre filling in our toys, which is naturally hypoallergenic and a lot less flammable

- Use up-cycled, natural materials as much as possible

- Keep buying local  : the less distance travelled, the better it is for us and the environment

We have many other ideas for this topic, but don't want to bore you if you were only here to find out what incredible things are yet to come to My Pupper!

"I'm all ears". Image from Pinterest.

Let's do this... After returning from SEA, we are hoping to pack in the following things before the end of the year... 

- Seasonal Collar designs : think bright Summers, soft winters and everything in between!

- Harnesses : yes! We have been asked, and now we are delivering! Harnesses will be available in two different designs

- Matching leashes : another one you guys have been waiting for. Your Pupper will have a whole matching set! *i'm in love*

- "Tough Toy" collection : this is a hard one since we are 'Earth Conscious' and would hate to use tough plastic toys, but we have some neat tricks up our sleeve...

- More Packages! : this one is super exciting. We have been planning these new boxes for months (and STILL haven't released them... sorry!) and are slowly perfecting them, and can't wait to have them up and available for you. Think Pawty and Puppy.

- New bandana designs : we are hoping to source enough of each material to let us make matching collars, leashes, harnesses, bow ties and bandanas, but we will have to wait and see when the time comes.

- Tie up and over the collar bandanas : this one will be for those who prefer the over the collar choice, but we could never get rid of our popular tie up choice, so why not have both?

- Attend more local markets : we are hoping to make it to more markets around the Sunshine Coast/Brisbane area

Doesn't seem like much or too hard, does it? Well, here's where it gets interesting. As most of you may know, My Pupper is a small 'family' run business, consisting of 2 humans and 1 pupper - Tom, myself, and Elsa. Tom is the tech'y behind the website and refuses to help out on the sewing machine (who knows why... heh) and Elsa has no thumbs, which is quite annoying 'cause i'm sure she would be more than happy to help... This means everything you see on our online store and everything that is yet to come is handmade from scratch by yours truly- from picking the materials, to drawing templates, cutting, sewing, stitching, stuffing, and perfecting - it is all done here in our very 'cosy-consisting-of-six-people-and-two-doggo' home (a very messy home thanks to me, oops!)

"I can't wait for My Pupper to be back!" - photo from Pinterest.

We really hope this post got your tails wagging, and made you set a reminder for the first week of July that "Oh my gosh! My Pupper is back!".

Remember, we still have some small amount of stock available while away, so be sure to check that out before waiting patiently for 6 whole weeks while 'Buddy' cries himself to sleep each night wishing he had his new matching collar and bow-tie set already... :P

We won't be blogging until July now, so enjoy your next 6 weeks and we can't wait to announce our new things to come soon!

Peace and Love,

Samantha, Tom and Elsa 

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