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☀️Help your Dog beat the heat this Summer☀️

Posted on 09 February 2017

We all know when it's Summer in Australia we are basically all sitting in the biggest sauna in the World, but that doesn't mean our doggos have to feel the same way!

With the temps turning up higher (beating records in some places, Yeowch!), here are 10 tips to help your fur baby cope in this season long heat wave!

1.) Tasty Doggie Ice-Blocks!:
This one is a popular one - they're easy (and fun) to make, and can be made the night before any hot days so your furry pooch can be sitting outside on his favourite seat licking away at his ridiculously huge ice block that will last hours! Add chicken stock, treats, even their favourite toys to get them licking! I was going to link to a recipe but who needs a recipe... all it is is water, with a little of your own chosen flavours added! Have fun and make different tasting layers too if you want to get technical! 😉

Stock image


2.) Shave that cute fluffy cloud and turn him bald!
So here's the truth... Most pups that are naturally fluffy tend to get a little... less cute... when shaved... This makes me so reluctant to shave Elsa a few times each Summer, but then I imagine myself wearing a wooly jumper out in the sun and suddenly throw myself at the clippers and start chopping it all away. Imagine it! Unless you can keep your furry friend in Air-Con all day every day (lucky them!) then pull out the clippers and give them a DIY hair cut! Or, of course, there's the groomers so your pup doesn't feel like I did when my Mum gave me a stupid haircut in School 😐

3.) Keep the AC on!
If you have a fluffy pooch and don't want to have them looking naked, as I said above, keep them inside in the AC! If they are short haired treat them to it anyway! If you like to keep the AC to a minimum (saving not only your money but the Planet too) just turn on the fans so they have a nice breeze at all times! Elsa is basically never outside, only to do her business and have a run around. I think I would have heart failure if I kept her outside in the heat all day, mainly cause her fluff is starting to grow back (she's due for another embarassing "Mum-cut-my-hair" cut 😜).

Stock image - Pexels

(This one is for the lucky ones...)
4.) Take them to the beach/swim in your pool!
What dog doesn't love a good swim? (I know a few actually... haha!) If your pupper is a lover of the water, grab the leash and drive to the closest dog-friendly beach (letting out a little secret, I take Elsa to any beach, sometimes we soon get kicked off, oops! No fines yet 😇) They'll absolutely love you for it and might meet some new furiends. If there's no beach nearby but you have a pool going to waste in the backyard, turn it into a dog-friendly pool!

Photo courtesy - Seth Casteel -!/4/featured/Underwater_Dogs/22

5.) Exercise early or late!
Our Summer's treat us to bright early mornings and bright late afternoons, so take your baby for a walk/run when it's much cooler - none of this jogging in the 40 degree heat at midday... Instead of pushing them hard to exercise, take it back down to a casual walk - i'm sure you wouldn't mind (I know I wouldn't!) 🐾


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6.) Booties for your baby!
Have a search online or in your preferred doggie shop for some cute dog booties. You wouldn't like to walk on the hot bitumen so why should they? Always check any type of grounding before making them step on it barefoot - if it's hot for you it's hot for them! Booties will also work as a double for the winter chills too!👞


Photo courtesy - stock image Google

7.) Keep your doggo hydrated!
ALWAYS I repeat, alwayyyyssss have water! Here's another little fact about me, I am a huge fan of water. It honestly is my favourite drink in the World, and you will NEVER see me without my water bottle close by, so Elsa is lucky in this sense because she will also never go thirsty! Take a water bottle or container of water for your pup to keep them well hydrated.💦

8.) Kiddie pool + shady tree = luxury!
If you don't have the beach or pool as explained above, go to your closest Big W/K-mart/etc and buy a little plastic kiddie pool! Put it under some nice shade and let your pup have a splashing good time. They might love it enough that they will just lay down and stay there all day.🌳

9.) Digging does wonders!
Now, I know my parents would not be happy with Elsa just digging up their beautiful green grass so this one is a little harder, but if you can, find a nice spot for your dog to be allowed to dig! They like to dig big holes to lay their hot bodies in to cool them off, the soil/sand is much cooler down there, so don't blame them for doing this if you haven't tried all the above options with them. Head to a beach or something and let them dig, dig, dig!🏖

Stock image -

10.) Keep an eye on signs of dehydration!
This one isn't so much a tip to beat the heat, but more on how to spot it if your doggo has had too much heat... Unlike us, dogs can't sweat, but more so pant to cool off. You will know they are becoming overheated when they start to drool a lot (if you have a drooly dog already, just look for signs for MORE drool). Your Pup will have bloodshot eyes, look pale and become lethargic. Basically, they will look very unwell... Test it yourself and pull the skin from their back, if they are dehydrated it takes longer to fall back down. If you suspect your fur baby is suffering from dehydration, get to your Vet ASAP so they can be treated quickly. ⏳

And that's all folks! We hope you take some notes on these little tips that can make a big difference, and spoil your pup with some water fun!

Until next time,
Samantha and Elsa 😘 xx

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