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Posted on 02 February 2017

I have been putting off writing this blog for a little while now... Not because I didn't want to do it but because I had no idea where to start! I have finally decided to just write, and see where it takes me :)

A little about myself... My first name is Samantha-Jo, most call me Sammy, living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Australia, and i'm the proud pupper parent of little Elsa, the "apricot" Cavoodle (it's actually lucky she turned white, her name matches her much better now... ;)) We have had Elsa in our lives for nearly 3 years, where we have watched her grow into a cute little yappy dog like most dogs her size, spent 6 months travelling Europe away from her (never again!) and nearly had heart failure from her escaping the yard and running away a hundred times... She is a little character, making us laugh every day, for example, this morning when Tom and I woke up we opened the curtain to let some light in and who else is there but Elsa, sitting outside on a deck chair staring at us, almost like she was waiting there for an hour for us in the sun to say good morning, the silly thing!

*I just realised I said "a little about myself" but seem to just have raved on about Elsa... Oops! I'm sure you guys would much prefer hear about her anyway...*

Now, a little about My Pupper!
While Tom and I were backpacking around Europe one day, we woke up hungover (thanks Switzerland) and feeling very sorry for ourselves... I went on with my day but Tom was struggling to even lift his head off the pillow... But, if it wasn't for this day, My Pupper would probably not even be an upcoming thing! *Boooooo!* He came out of the room and just plainly said, "I bought a domain name, "" for under a dollar... It was on sale and no one wanted it". I think I just laughed and said, why would we want that? And from that day, we talked about what we could turn it into, and changed our minds plenty of times before finally agreeing on having a cute online store, where we sell mostly handmade, organic, Earth conscious products, and that's what we're doing! Tom later said to me he wanted us to create a business that he knows I would love and enjoy, and that he can help out with too, and that's pretty spot on :)

And finally, a little about our blog...
I've started this blog as a side hobby for My Pupper, to tell you guys about our own pupper, to chat about recipes, dog facts, training, grooming, play time, and pretty much everything doggo related! Elsa might even make an appearance every now and then to have her own say ;) We will be posting once or twice a week - we look forward to seeing our business grow thanks to you guys!

We really hope you guys continue to read our blogs, and hope more than anything they bring a smile to your face and some interesting things to your day!

With all our love from us at My Pupper <3 xx
"It is amazing how much love and laughter dogs can bring into our lives" - unkown

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