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Why your dog makes the best Valentine's date

Posted on 13 February 2017

So it turns out, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! How quick has this month gone already!? 

As soon as I realised tomorrow was the day of romantic dates, flowers and kisses, I decided your dog truly is your best Valentine date, and thought I would let you guys know why!

Here's 10 reasons why you should drop the real life date and curl up in bed with your fur baby instead:

10. Puppers don't say the wrong things...

In fact, Puppers don't say much at all, so while you are stuffing your face with chocolate or ice-cream, and crying while watching P.S I Love You on repeat, your fur baby won't be able to judge you or even look at you funny, cause for all they know you're cuddling them and that's awesome!

Photo courtesy: Unknown/Pinterest


9. Your dog hardly leaves a mess behind, whereas the other option definitely does...

Why would you want to spend the day cleaning up all the dirty things your date leaves around/behind, when all you would have to clean up after your doggo is their once-a-day-doo-doo? I know what I would prefer...


8. Pupper slobber is WAY cuter than date slobber...

I mean, is there much to really explain here?

Photo courtesy: Dog Breath Photography


7. Your doggo wouldn't expect much

Your date might be hoping for an awesome gift or gesture from you, but your pup wouldn't want much more than scratches and for you to talk in your cute baby voice so they can pretend they know what you're saying to them!


6. You don't have to make dinner/dessert for two!

Your pupper sure would love that though, but we should stick to the foods best for them, which means, yep! Pizza delivery here we come!

Photo courtesy: Unknown/Pinterest


5. You don't have to make awkward (long) eye contact...

I hate making eye contact with humans, but when Elsa and I lock eyes we don't have to pretend we are looking into each others souls and thinking about all those soppy things, because we are too busy feeling completely awkward, so we turn and face the other way. I doubt you could do that with a date...


4. You can make cute treats for your pupper!

Of course you could do this for your real life date too, but honestly, I don't think they would appreciate (or LOVE) it as much as your fur baby would... Lets face it, your dog goes bananas for treats, or basically any food/snack in general! Find some cute treat idea on Pinterest and cook/bake/freeze up a storm! Im sure you'll get a lot of love in return!
* We LOVE these cute little V-Day treat ideas - give them a crack*


3. You won't be disappointed in how your date looks

Hoenstly, does your dog EVER look bad? Don't you wish sometimes you could look so good all the damn time, even when covered in filth - they still smile like a big goof ball like you must be so proud of them!


2. You can pick whatever you want to do together!

Whether it be cuddle in bed, picking a movie you both have already watched 100 times, going for a hike or sleeping all day - your pup would be happy to do any of the above as long as they can be by your side!


1. Your Pupper thinks you are the greatest thing on the Planet!

Why would you want to leave them at home alone if they love you SO MUCH? Grab the leash, and take your cute date out to the park and throw the ball for them! (Even if you decide to go with a real date, maybe try this out too, good luck!)


We know you will make the right decision this Valentine's Day, and spend most of your time cuddled up with the right man/gal!

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