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About Us

Welcome to My Pupper!
We are a small Family run Business specialising in designing and sewing eco-friendly dog accessories
My Pupper launched in February 207 where we started out by making bow ties, bandanas and Puppy packages. I (Samantha) taught myself how to design and sew our leads, collars and harnesses and soon they became very popular and we were shipping them all over the World!
To keep up with demand my Mother, Jo started working full time as seamstress as well. She soon took over as head seamstress when I went travelling. I fell pregnant in 2020 and had my little girl who made sewing products every day a little tricky... Jo was doing well sewing on her own but we had bigger dreams. We wanted to be found in dog boutiques all over the World so we decided to work with a manufacturer to produce a small batch of pre-made accessories for us.
Most of our accessories are still handmade by us but we are currently in the process of transitioning to pre-made and hope to be there by the middle of 2022.
Will you help us reach our goal? xx 

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