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About Us

Welcome to My Pupper!
One thing that is blissfully obvious, is that we know how to please the puppers...
Hi! My name is Samantha, and along with my Cavoodle, Elsa and my Mum Jo, we are the faces behind the brand.
My Pupper began in a motorhome somewhere deep in the Swiss Alps as we were travelling Europe in 2016, when my (now) Husband, Tom, came up with our name. We started out with a small Instagram family, and when we returned home in early 2017, I decided to work on my new small business instead of going back to my 9-5 job - and what a life changer that turned out to be!
My Pupper began as a typical dog bandana and bow tie business, but extended into more incredible things. As we were travelling Europe, I did a lot of soul searching, and began to love and care for our Earth. Travelling really opened my eyes, and helped me to become Earth Conscious, so I turned that into something more useful than just recycling my own glass bottles and taking shorter showers, and decided My Pupper would be unique - the first of it's kind...
Handmade, Sustainable, Stylish Dog Products. *Cue Angels singing*
We are based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, and work in a small home office with my Mum, Jo currently being the main seamstress. All of our accessories are made with love by myself or Mum (Jo actually hand knots the Macrame range, so let's thank our lucky stars for her gorgeous designs!). Every stitch is lovingly sewn, every piece of fabric cut with care, and every detail finished with perfectionist approval.
A lot of our products are already 100% Eco-Friendly and we work with different charities each month and donate 10% of each profits to them monthly, so while your doggo is looking the most stylish at the dog park, you can also give yourself a high five for supporting a brand that cares for the Earth and helping others in need.
It's so rare that doing what you love can make a difference and give such a positive impact, and I wake up every day with a smile on my face knowing I do just that.
Without your love and support we wouldn't be able to continue to do what we do, so thank you <3


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