Size Guide

Fit For a Slobbery King (or Queen)

My Pupper accessories are hand made using eco friendly materials - this means size, colour and shape may vary *ever so slightly*.

We do our best to keep the measurements as accurate as possible, but this is not guaranteed. Please ensure you measure your pup when ordering to avoid extra costs for returning and swapping your item.


Attachable to any collar using the two velcro strips on the back

Standard: 10.5 x 7.5cm
Sailor: 13 x 17cm


All collars may vary slightly in size and style - please allow two-finger gap when measuring your dogs neck.

Extra Small/Puppy (thin 2cm) fits from: 24–30cm

Small (thin 2cm) fits from: 27–39cm

Medium (thick 2.5cm) fits from: 34–51cm

Large (thick 2.5cm) fits from: 32–63cm


Bandanas may vary slightly in size by roughly 1–2cm. All of our bandanas are made to tie up at the neck, so please allow space for this. Measured diagonally.

Small: 41–43cm

Medium: 55–57cm

Large: 69–71cm


All leashes are made to roughly 120cm long. 

Chest Harnesses

When measuring for Harnesses, please measure around the base of the neck and around the chest (see guide below).

One Size Only:

Neck: 38–52cm

Chest: 46–64cm

Allow a two finger gap

Full size range coming soon

Strap Harnesses

Sizing may vary slightly. When measuring for Harnesses, please measure around the neck and chest (see photo below).

Small: Thin 2cm Hardware

Neck: 32–46cm

Chest: 37–57cm

Medium: Thick 2.5cm Hardware

Neck: 39–62cm

Chest: 51–77cm


Neck: 52–82cm

Chest: 57–94cm